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Blossoming Bumps

Blossoming Bumps is an active antenatal class for all those who are pregnant to help you enjoy your pregnancy, stay mobile, enjoy relaxation and mindful movement as you prepare for a confident birth.

When it comes to the early (or in fact any) stage of pregnancy, any number of emotions can overwhelm us: excitement, fear, anxiety, delight, uncertainty, confusion – and these may well be ever-changing! Blossoming Bumps classes help all those who are pregnant enjoy a positive pregnancy and prepare for a confident birth. 

Blossoming Bumps takes the best elements of pregnancy yoga, active birth, hyponobirthing and relaxation wrapping these together in a flowing class that allows you to relax into your changing body and pregnancy with ease.


Blossoming Bumps are for all those who are physically pregnant only, are suitable to attend from 14 weeks pregnant right up until baby’s birth, and are adapted to suit all pregnancy related conditions and birth plans with ease.

Antenatal class, active birth, pregancy class, hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, guided relaxation
Each weekly class includes
  • Pregnancy Yoga Based Movement
  • Hypnobirthing Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Antenatal Education
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Confidence and Positivity!

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