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Postnatal and Baby Classes

Little Blossoms currently offers two postnatal and baby classes:

If you have any quesions please do get in touch.

Postnatal recovery, postnatal classes, mum and baby classes

Blossoming Mama is a weekly class for all those who are adjusting to their new postnatal body and the changes caused by childbirth – to help you relax, recharge, heal and calm both your body and mind, supporting you as you navigate this new phase of your life. 

Baby massage, baby classes, mum and baby, mum and baby classes

Blossoming Babies is a weekly baby massage class and baby care education to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby.

Baby Massage, for dads, for partners, for caregivers, for grandparents, baby class, baby workshop

Blossoming Babies: Babies Massage for Dads, Partners and Caregivers is a one off baby massage class.


These sessions are for Dads,partners, grandparents and caregivers to provide an opportunity to learn a baby massage routine.

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